Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Space Elevator Games Testing and Preparation

A lot of Space Elevator Games preparation activity has been taking place:

@segames - In the crew brief now - it's truly amazing how complicated this has become.
Getting ready for the next crew briefing - Everyone is here.

Lasing operations are done for the day. I talked to the NASA laser safety guy and he said that the USST testing went well.

The helicopter just arrived for tomorrow's testing.

Just finished going through the next review of Contingency and Go/No-Go procedures. They're getting pretty polished.

The official word - we're down to 4 teams. NSS, U Mich & McGill could not get everything ready so they will not be competing this year.

Ready for Day 2 of testing - Round 2.

Laser testing is done for the day. USST had the lion's share of the time and reported that all went well.

USST & KCSP are out on the lakebed doing laser tests. USST is assembling their climber now for more testing Wed and Thu.

Alberta team is here, but there equipment is not (yet). Should be here later today.

Status meeting went well - very professionally done. There are some issues, but mostly procedural.

Waiting for an 8:00am status meeting.

From the Space Elevator Blog:

Day 2 - Miscellaneous coolness
The University of Alberta Space Elevator Racing Team (UASERT)
Down to 4…
Right angle turns in mid-air
USST is here…

From the Space Elevator Games:

This Week’s Preview
Monday Summary

By the way, the 1st Japan Space Elevator Technical & Engineering Competition (JSETEC) isn't that far away - early August.