Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Prize Roundup - July 21-22, 2009: Flickr Moon, Lunar Lander and Lunar X PRIZE Updates, More Google Moon, NASA Lunar Science Forum, Aerial Robotics

New design overcomes intense lunar heat -David Gump, Astrobotic Technology - Is this related to the IPP Seed Fund award for CMU, Astrobotic, and LM?

International Aerial Robotics Competition - July 20-24, at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayag├╝ez

Check @nlsi - NASA Lunar Science Institute. I think I need to add it to the Twitter list. Here are some other tweats from the NLSI NLSI Lunar Science Forum:

@Regolith_Chal - Thanks @pomerantz for the shout out during your presentation during the @nlsi Lunar Science Forum! #lunarsci09

@Pomerantz - #GLXP team leader @Bob_Richards teases the announcement going out in the few hours--another new customer! Kudos!

3 Months to go and beyond. - Unreasonable Rocket ponders the 2009 Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge deadline, and next year's challenge:

What happens after 2009? If the any of the 180 second prizes are un-won we will obviously attempt that. Beyond that we want to work toward a reusable sub-orbital vehicle.

NG-LLC update - RLV News
Armadillo Methane/LOX untethered flight - RLV News

@glxp - The X PRIZE Foundation is now a member of the Next Step in Space coalition!

More random moon stuff! The MyMoon Flickr contest: (thx @NLSI)

If you aren't already, check @Pomerantz and @glxp for lots more news.

Explore the moon in Google Earth - The Official Google Blog (posted by Anousheh Ansari)