Sunday, December 05, 2010

Eurospaceward Conference, NanoSat Launch Biz, SSP Competition, RWIW Date, Moonraker@Mall

The Space Elevator Blog is covering the 2010 Eurospaceward Conference.  I'll just give a few links with a lot of prize content; see the blog for more on the conference:

2010 EuroSpaceward Conference - Saturday morning (1) - This mentions the possibility of a European Strong Tether Challenge.
2010 EuroSpaceward Conference - Saturday morning (2) - One of the talks is by a Kansas City Space Pirates member.
2010 EuroSpaceward Conference - Sunday morning - This includes discussions of a number of international space elevator competitions.

I may update this list above as more details emerge.

Pricing a NanoSat launcher - RLV News - The linked post also refers to this older piece on NanoSat Launcher markets inspired by the NanoSat Launch Vehicle Challenge Seminar: Micro-Cargo Delivery & The Last Mile Problem - The Space Busine$$ Blog

Space Solar Power desgn competition - Space for All

@RWIWChallenge: Exciting News!!! The Advanced Registration Deadline has been extended to January 15, 2011!

@paulsrobotics: Come to the Solomon Pond Mall and check out #battlebots Brutality and Moonraker along with other #WPI robots!