Wednesday, December 08, 2010

NASA SBIRs, TARC Survey, Moonbuggy Is On, ZeroG Photos, More

@wikkit: Congrats to new space! Altius, Firestar, Masten, MicroSpace, Microcosm, Ventions, and XCOR, Nasa SBIR phase 1 negotiation

Here are some examples that caught my eye:

An ElectroAdhesive "Stick Boom" for Mars Sample Return Orbiting Sample Capture - Altius Space Machines, Inc.
Petal Brake Hypersonic Entry System - Andrews Space, Inc.
Cryogenic Composite Tank Fabrication for Reusable Launch Vehicles - XCOR Aerospace
Terrestrial Plume Impingement Testbed - Masten Space Systems, Inc.- Google Lunar X PRIZE team needs are described in the "Potential Non-NASA Commercial Applications" section.

@FLspacereport: Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC) survey seeks your input for program improvement.

@MOONBUGGYRACE: Registration is still open for 18th NASA Great Moonbuggy Race April 1-2, 2011! Sign up now!

@SLI_1MILEHIGH: We're getting ready to fly! Student rocketeers nationwide set for 2010-11 NASA Student Launch Projects!

@ConradAwards: Get Your Genius On!

@NASActo: 6th-12th graders: Submit your designs for a human colony in outer space by 3/15/11 for a chance to win $3k! #NASA

@GoZeroG: Top 10 Announcement for the 2010 Weightless Photo Competitio... via #constantcontact

@unrocket: Ed LeBouthillier's pictures from FAR yesterday: The tiny motor is ours.

@MoonbaseX: Yahoo! News has just featured MoonbaseX's "Fly Me to the Moon" SMS campaign! If you're in the UK, find out how to join...