Friday, September 23, 2011

Another Centennial Challenges Update: Night Rover Allied Org, Green Flight Challenge Next Week, Radical Benefit, LaserMotive Week, More

NASA has picked the Cleantech Open as the Allied Organization to run the $1.5M Night Rover Centennial Challenge to collect solar energy and store it long enough to do productive work during the lunar night.

NASA and The Cleantech Open Partner in Robotics Challenge - NASA

Here's their Night Rover Challenge website.  You will see there that Joshua Neubert, who was the Executive Director of the Conrad Foundation, is on the management team. also has a Night Rover Challenge page.


Get ready for the NASA Green Flight Challenge run by the CAFE Foundation, and the subsequent Google Green Flight Challenge Expo at NASA Ames:

NASA is Painting the Skies Green Over Santa Rosa - NASA - It will be held at the Sonoma County Airport there.

NASA competition could lead to air taxis anyone can afford -

NASA, CAFE Foundation Host Google Green Flight Challenge Expo - NASA

Here's the Green Flight Challenge fact sheet. (PDF)


It isn't strictly a Centennial Challenge, but I think of it as a product of the Regolith Excavation Challenge:

NASA 2012 Lunabotics Competition Open For Registration - NASA - The Lunabotics Mining Competition will be held May 21-26 at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

NASA's Digital Learning Network will hold a webcast about the Lunabotics competition on September 27, 4:00 ET.


The X PRIZE Foundation, which ran the Northrop Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge, will hold a Radical Benefit for Humanity on October 20.

Briefs: Speed Up update; Will Watson interview; Space regulation discussion panel - RLV News - SpeedUp was one of the Lunar Lander Challenge competitors.  SpeedUp is now Ready for Tether Testing.


The first winner of the Beam Power Centennial Challenge, LaserMotive, is in the news a lot lately:

Space Angels Network Invests in Wireless Power Beaming Company: LaserMotive, Inc. (PDF) - Space Angels Network

Lasermotive is in NASA power beaming project - RLV News

Could laser propulsion open up space? - Next Big Future has an interview with LaserMotive's Jordin Kare.


It would be nice to get some discussion going at this forum post on the 2nd Nanosat Launcher Challenge Seminar.