Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sample Return Registration, TARC Tour, Green Flight Challenge and Expo, Much More

Wow, there's a lot going on in the space prize world!  A lot of the topics deserve their own post, but with my growing family I can only manage a quick link list.  Here's the latest roundup of space prize updates:

Sample Return Robot Challenge

Challenge Rules Posted & Registration Open - Sample Return Robot Challenge (WPI) 
@: Picture of the pre-cached sample for the Centennial Challenge! or visit for info

Team America Rocketry Challenge

Winning TARC Team Visits Washington, Praises Raytheon for Support - Raytheon
TARC Winners in DC - This is a Flickr photo set of the visit.

Green Flight Challenge

Matters of Note for the Green Flight Expo - The CAFE Foundation Blog describes Matternet, "an outgrowth of Singularity University" that plans to enable transportation of supplies to remote locations.
List of Exhibitors - The Green Flight Expo will be at NASA Ames on October 3 after the competition.  The actual competition starts in 1 week.
See the Google Green Flight Challenge Exposition hosted by NASA


New Competition Brings Robots to Market - OSTP Blog
2nd Nanosat Launcher Challenge Seminar Draft Agenda Updated 9/16/2011 - Team Phoenicia
N-prize: the world's smallest space programme - SpaceRef - Part of this is a call for global representation in the challenge, particularly in Asia.  The new N-prize teams map shows why.  There is a gap, but on the bright side that's a lot of teams!
Fall 2011 Cassini Scientist for a Day essay contest - Teaching with Contests
CTSI Chooses LaserMotive as One of Top Ten Defense Energy Tech Companies - LaserMotive
Conrad Foundation on Capitol Hill - NASA Watch
"What's Next?" In Space Exploration Video Contest - NASA Watch - The contest is from the Coalition for Space Exploration.
Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts show Right Stuff in National Rocket Competition - Space for All
Student contest to name the GRAIL lunar probes and to direct their cameras - Space for All
Canadian Satellite Design Challenge - Space for All
Int. Art Contest - The Space Foundation - Space for All
Student NewSpace Business Plan Competition - RLV News
Unreasonable update - RLV News - Paul's post includes a picture of a new tank, and here's another one of it: