Monday, September 05, 2011

Space Prize Roundup: Green Flight Approaches, MoonBots 2.0, Sample Return Rules, More

The Green Flight Challenge is getting close:

Embry Riddle Begins GFC Test Flights - CAFE Foundation Blog

Latest Details - Sample Return Robot Challenge at WPI gives an update on the final rules, team agreement, and registration.

The X PRIZE Foundation and LEGO Group Announce Global Student Team Winners of MoonBots 2.0 Challenge - Google Lunar X PRIZE

Creating a Collaborative Nano-Bio Manufacturing Institute - - This is for the Air Force Research Lab.

Competition Provides Solution for Stopping Uncooperative Vehicles - OSTP Blog

08/26/2011: Update - SpeedUp

The NASA Tech Briefs "Create the Future" Design Contest winners should be announced this month.

UK contest for student space settlement design - Space for All

The Hubble Roadshow - update and contest - Space for All