Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Prize Roundup: Tricorder X PRIZE, Centennial Challenge Mystery, DigitalGlobe Image Contest, Ebb and Flow, More

Here's an interesting tweet that ends with some mystery:  @: 2012 bring it on, Sample Return is set for June Night Rover rules out for public comment soon NSL rules in work and prepping new challenges

YouTube SpaceLab contest selects finalists - Space for All

Plans set for 'Tricorder' contest - Cosmic Log
Qualcomm Tricorder X PRIZE

The Top Image of 2011 – Announced - The DigitalGlobe blog
Satellite shot of rolling river takes the prize - Cosmic Log - DigitalGlobe's Top Image Contest of 2011 gallery includes a satellite photo of Kennedy Space Center, Merritt Island, Florida with Space Shuttle Atlantis near the VAB:

Gingrich talks up prizes in Florida - Space Politics

Montana Students Pick Winning Names for Moon Craft - NASA on the new names for the GRAIL satellites

The Crafoord Prize in Mathematics 2012 and The Crafoord Prize in Astronomy 2012 - The Crafoord Prize (link via @jeff_foust)

EXPLORAVISION 2012 - Teaching with Contests
Google launches 2012 Global Science Fair… - Teaching with Contests