Sunday, September 23, 2012

Space Prize Roundup: Poking Fun, Nanosat Launch Seminar, Other Space Florida Prizes, More

Here's a space prize roundup for the last couple weeks:

The Ridiculous Rocket Space Prize - Space for All - In addition to the Ridiculous Rocket Space Prize Facebook event page linked there, there is also a RidiculousRocket Facebook page celebrating the SLS in all of its grandeur.  The image that occurs to me is something like this, but Photoshopped with mighty, if a bit waterlogged and immobile, SLS rockets replacing the columns holding up the bridge.  Or maybe the columns are replaced by barnacle-covered SLS boosters and the road is the SLS core having a rest.  I'm sure someone with graphics art talent and too much free time could do justice to this goofy image.

Team Phoenicia hosting 3rd Nanosat Launch Challenge seminar - Space for All - Team Phoenicia also has some updates:

3rd Team Phoenicia Nanosat Launcher Seminar: Draft Agenda
3rd Annual Team Phoenicia Nanosat Launcher Seminar: Registration Now Open - Team Phoenicia

CubeSats get big - The Space Review - The Nanosatellite Launch Challenge is featured in the article.

CanSat Competition Guide - 2013 - Mission: Sensor Delivery System - Cansat Competition (PDF)

Happy Birthday, GLXP - InstaPom (Will Pomerantz)

Google Lunar X Prize: Hardware Progress - Citizens in Space

The Low-Cost Spacesuit Challenge - Citizens in Space

Space Florida International Space Station (ISS) Research Competition - Space Florida

Space Florida Awards BioCurity $100,000 at Second Annual Igniting Innovation Showcase - Space Florida

Round-up of news coverage of the 2012 Space Elevator Conference - Space Elevator Blog

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Prize Roundup: Google Lunar X PRIZE Roundups, Milestone, NRL CanSat Support, Back of the Napkin, Prometheus ChipIn, Much More

Here are some more Google Lunar X PRIZE Roundups from Nick Azer:


The Google Lunar X PRIZE has brought back an online forum: Google Lunar X PRIZE forums

Here is a sample conversation there: Alright Gentle(wo)men, place your bets!

The Ardusat Kickstarter succeeded, and now Team Prometheus set up a ChipIn site for their Ardusat Test Launch.

NRL Supports 8th Annual CanSat Competition - Naval Research Laboratory

2012 Zero Robotics Tourney Kicks Off Saturday! - NASA Television video on YouTube Two Years and 200 Prizes Later - Cristin Dorgelo for The White House Blog

Space Florida and NanoRacks host ISS research competition - NewSpace Watch - Here is the competition site: International Space Station Research Competition

Weekly Update 8.30.2012 - Space Florida again mentions NASA's RFI on the Nano-Satellite Launch Challenge, and suggests that NASA might move ahead with the challenge rules in October.

Weekly Update 9.07.2012 - Space Florida mentions the possibility of TV coverage for the Nano-Satellite Launch Challenge

Teenagers Worldwide Invited to Innovate Commercially-viable Products, Services - Spirit of Innovation Challenge: 

The top five teams from each category will travel to the Conrad Foundation’s annual Innovation Summit, hosted at NASA-Johnson Space Center, April 10 – 13, 2013, where they present their innovations and vie for $10,000 next-step grants and commercialization opportunities.

The Back of the Napkin Challenge - Top Gun Maine

NASA sponsors student contest for naming an asteroid - Space for All - The asteroid is the target for the OSIRIS-REx mission.

Centennial Challenges: After the Challenge - NASA Centennial Challenges gives some examples of what happened to competitors after the competition.  The link is from Peter Homer, one of the Astronaut Glove Challenge winners.

Homer Hickam to attend October Sky Festival and Reach for the Stars rocketry competition - Space for All

UAV Demonstrates Utility Of Laser Power - Aviation Week & Space Technology

Galactic Unite awards first scholarships - Space for All

NASA360: Robots, Rocks, and Rovers Premiere! - Sample Return Robot Challenge - In addition to the NASA 360 shout-out, there is a hint of more news coming soon.