Monday, October 01, 2012

Space Prize Roundup: Skybox Imaging and Conrad Foudation, UAV Outback Challenge, Reach for the Stars Rockets, More

NASA Set to Kick Off 2012 OPTIMUS PRIME Spinoff Video Contest - NASA

Nick Azer's Google Lunar X PRIZE Roundup posts, which were on the Lunar C/I blog and then on MyMoonSpace, are now appearing on the X PRIZE Foundation's Staff Blog.  Here's the most recent one:
Lunar Roundup: A Watch-Worthy Week

Weekly Update 9.26.2012 - Space Florida on the latest for the Nanosatellite Launch Challenge (the update is towards the bottom of the page)

The UAV Outback Challenge is happening October 1-3.

Six Kids Win Top Honors in the Reach for the Stars National Rocket Competition - Space for All

Conrad Foundation News - September 2012 - Conrad Foundation - This includes news of a new competition for the Skybox Imaging Out-of-the-Box Scholarship: 

The Conrad Foundation and Skybox Imaging are joining forces to add an additional opportunity for students to win a $5,000 scholarship for answering the question, “If you had access to daily high-resolution satellite imagery and high-definition video of thousands of locations on the planet from space, how would you use that data to change the world?”