Sunday, May 06, 2007

Regolith Excavation Challenge on May 12

Fast on the heels of the Astronaut Glove Challenge, the NASA Centennial Challenges Regolith Excavation Challenge is scheduled to be held on May 12, 2007 (just a few days). The ROBOChallenge for students is also planned at the same time. Here is the NASA press release. This has more information, including some about the teams that plan to compete: "Teams from Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif., Livermore, Calif., Berkeley, Calif., Fulks Run, Va., Rolla, Mo., Berkley, Mich., Milwaukee, and Vancouver, British Columbia, have registered to participate in the challenge."

The ever-reliable RLV News already gave us a reminder on the challenge a couple days ago. The California Space Authority, which is running the competition for NASA, has posted some interesting information about the challenge (recently, I think).

The agenda shows some major speakers at the event. Pete Worden (Director of NASA Ames and achiever of many other NASA and Air Force and probably other accomplishments) will give a talk there, and Col. Stephen Tanous (Commander, 30th Space Wing of the U.S. Air Force, ie Vandenberg Air Force Base) will also give a talk. Here's a press release on the speakers.

They also show on the sponsors page a few more sponsors, including interestingly Launch Magazine. I've been thinking about subscribing to Launch, and now I'll have to think about it more actively. Santa Maria Fair Park, where the event will be held, has a glittering events page with the Regolith Challenge (currently) on the list.

See the "regolith challenge" label below for more posts on this event.