Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More Details on 2008 Cansat Competition Results

I wasn't very satisfied with my post this Monday on the 2008 Cansat results because I was only able to find a trickle of the information I expected to find. However, I see from the AAS twitter posts that a lot more result photos and slides were posted a few hours ago (and in fact the twitter posts already showed one thing I wasn't able to find on Monday - the top 5 winners). So ... here's a more thorough set of 2008 Cansat results:

Flickr photos - all merged into 1 album (twitter says more photos from students are expected soon)

slide shows from the 10 teams (they had a presentation as well as a rocket competition)

AAS Cansat page which now has the photos and slide shows organized by team (but it seems the Flickr link there is mixed up at the moment, and is a mixture of AAS and Flickr URLs - I had better luck with the link above)