Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Power Beaming/Climber Competition Setup

The setup for the 2009 Space Elevator Games Climber/Beam Power competition is already happening, with the main event starting tomorrow.

Payload... - The Space Elevator Blog

Current Status (11/1) from Space Elevator Games: Completed first day of setup at Dryden, and all is well. First games day is Wednesday, though a potential schedule change might prompt us to squeeze in a few climbs on Tuesday. Putting finishing touches on live coverage screen (above) - stay tuned!

Happy Halloween - The Space Elevator Blog - This one is obviously a few days old. Among other things, it gives a twitter account for @USST, one of the 3 remaining teams this year.

Speaking of twitter, I'm in the process of setting up some canned twitter searches. Right now they're at the top right of the Space Prizes blog, although I could move them to the Space Prizes twitter pseudo-blog. There's a canned search for Space Elevator Games Twitter Accounts at the top of the list - that's one of the (hopefully) finished ones. At any rate, it includes tweets from the twitter accounts I know about. It's easy enough to adjust the search using Twitter's search engine once you click on the canned search (eg: if you want to search for more than just those accounts, or tweets based on messages "to:" those accounts, or the string "power beaming challenge"). Here are some recent Space Elevator Games tweets from yesterday:

NASAPrize: Preparations underway for Power Beaming Challenge this week! Competition scheduled for Nov 4 & 5

LaserMotive: Lunch on the lakebed. http://yfrog.com/emfy6j

SEGames: status: Horizontal laser test now occurring. KCSP first up, then LaserMotive and then USST.

LaserMotive: Current temp and humidity. http://yfrog.com/dyp5gj

USST: We've made arrangments to hopefully pickup a new antennae from the factory in LA today. Hopefully we can get back in time with traffic.

SEGames: Go to http://live.spaceelevatorgames.org for latest pix.