Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Prize Twitter Roundup: Space Craft and Art, NASA Tournament Lab, Better Gloves, ZeroG, NSRC, New GLXP Teams?

Don't be fooled by the first tweet below; it's from yesterday:

@lasermotive: Tom will be presenting at the First Look Forum this afternoon:

LaserMotive not only made the first cut to the final 5, but was chosen as Runner-Up (2nd place) at the First Look Forum. #NWEN

@peterdiamandis: Just landed after an awesome ZeroG flight. Everyone did great! Cameron loved the experience. We raised a bit over $200K to support X PRIZE.

I edited this next tweet to include the whole message rather than let Twitter's character limit cut it off with a link to the rest of the message near the end:

@teamprometheus: Working on new propellant for NSE-6 we will be doing some test rockoon launches this month! NSE-5.1 will be the first rockoon launch. We need to gather data for our flight controller programing. Working on a special coating to get the rocket to fire at 100kft.

Finished Rotor

@nasa_technology: NASA Establishes Tournament Lab For Software Developers

From the NASA Tournament Lab (NTL) site:

NASA and Harvard University have established the NASA Tournament Lab (NTL), which will enable software developers to compete with each other to create the best computer code for NASA systems.

The NTL provides an online virtual facility for NASA researchers with a computational or complex data processing challenge to "order" a solution, just like they would order laboratory tests or supplies.

@nasa_technology: Lending a hand MIT research look into why spacesuit gloves hurt astros’ hands. w/ @NASA glove challenge winner @pkhomer

From the MIT News article Lending a hand: MIT researchers may be closer to understanding why spacesuit gloves hurt astronauts’ hands.:

“The study points to a different cause [of delamination] and a different way to deal with it,” said Peter Homer, founder of spacesuit-design company Flagsuit LLC, who is working with NASA and commercial companies to develop gloves for the next-generation spacesuit. “We need to look more closely at what is going on with the MCP joint,” he said, noting that the sizing and fit of the gloves around the MCP joint should be considered more closely in future designs.

Here's a note about the Space Craft Contest for making original art with a NASA theme:

@lori_garver: Crafty? NASA and Etsy team up: Rules and how to enter:

@Newspacenews: National Geographic documentary on Virgin Galactic debuts next week. #space #newspace

Here's some information about possible new Google Lunar X PRIZE teams:

@pomerantz: RT @Rocketeer_UK: UK Lunar X-Prize team: Call for Interest

@csete @mrdoornbos Puli is not yet fully registered, but we do have a fully registered "Mystery" / unannounced Team - so 23 is right.

Finally, I have a couple more twitter accounts to follow, including 1 for the team Will mentioned:

@PuliSpace: Twitter Bio: Puli Space Technologies is a Hungary based team aiming to land a self-made rover on the Moon. Follow us and get to know how the Puli rockets into space.

@NSRC2011: Hi there-- I'm the Twitter page for the Next Gen Suborbital Researchers Conference to be held 28 Feb to 2 March next year in Orlando!