Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Prize Roundup: GLXP Roundup Restart, Nanosat Challenge, Water Rockets, More

The $3M Nano-Satellite Launch Challenge run by Space Florida has been issuing frequent updates recently.  Here are some of them:

Weekly Update 7.6.2012 - on a logo contest that is now over (see the winner on their main page)
Blog Comment by Jacob Chancery - looking for a team to help
Weekly Update 6.11.2012 - update on rules, team forum, and judges - The forum doesn't have a lot of activity (yet?), but it has started with posts from Microlaunchers and Team Prometheus, among others.

Discover the Future of Space Exploration with X PRIZE Founder Peter Diamandis - Omaze:

Conrad Foundation News - July Newsletter, 2012 - Spirit of Innovation Challenge

24 hour Water Bottle rocket challenge - NASASpaceFlight.com topic, including a video, on an attempt to break the record for most water rockets launched globally in 24 hours

GOOGLE LUNAR X PRIZE ROUNDUP #3 - Nick Azer at MyMoonSpace brings back the GLXP roundup series, starting the counting at 1, presumably because it's at MyMoonSpace and not Lunar C/I

Not Science Fiction, Science Reality, in the Palm of Your Hand - Qualcomm Tricorder X PRIZE blog

Nokia Sensing X CHALLENGE - Qualcomm Tricorder X PRIZE blog

Changing the Conversation about the Economic Development of the Moon - Dennis Wingo features the COTS approach and prizes in this discussion.

Annual Space Elevator Conference Set for August 25-27 - Space Elevator Reference - This is at the Museum of Flight, and includes competitions like RoboQuest for kids and the Strong Tether NASA Centennial Challenge

International rocket challenge nets silver for U.S. teens - USA Today

@unrocket: Making larger canards for guided rocket test.