Friday, July 13, 2012

Prize Roundup: Night Rover Update, International Rocketry, Jobs Prize, More

An X PRIZE for Jobs: Can We Radically Reinvent How We Create, Finance and Find Jobs in America? - Huffington Post - Peter Diamandis asks "what would your rules be for an X PRIZE intended to incentivize new ways to create, finance and find Jobs in America?"  You can answer at Design Your Own Jobs X PRIZE.

Hiring Entrepreneurs, Not Employees: Incentive Prizes Foster Disruptive Innovations - Forbes

French Students Win 2012 International Rocketry Challenge - AIA

The Night Rover Challenge website has gotten an overhaul.  Here are some blog posts and upcoming events from them:

The Future is a Funny Thing, or Why I wanted to launch the Night Rover Challenge - Joshua Neubert
Welcome to the Youth Ambassador Program - Shannon and Mikayla
Challenge America Summit: Public Forum - October 19-20, San Francisco - The panel includes Anousheh Ansari, Cristin Dorgelo (currently Assistant Director for Grand Challenges at the OSTP), and other prominent figures.

Videos: "Why Explore Space?" - Space for All

Ex-Google VIP Joins Private Moon Race Team -

Comic-Con fan gets Lynx ride via Warner Brothers and The Big Bang Theory - RLV News

Successful 48+ Hour Laser-Powered UAS Demonstration - LaserMotive

Here's a short twitter conversation that may be of interest: 

@FRCteam348: you guys should announce next years challenges soon! Don't you know some people look forward to these things!?!  

@NASAPrize: Patience :) Won't be long now!